Omni Project
Q What is the Omni Project?
A The Omni Project aims to create a cross-editor extreme programming utilitiy using webservices to provide a portable interface to a server than shares a set of files amongst Omni users. The idea is that Omni users could be using any IDE with an appropriate Omni plugin. An implementation of this plugin is in the works for the Eclipse Platform.

Q Why?
A Omni is a group project for the software engineering course CSC408 held at the University of Toronto.

Q OmniServer
A The Omni Server component is programmed in Java using Java webservices, specifically the Apache AXIS implementaion, and requires JRE 1.4.2+ or the equivilant, along with the Axis and associated libraries.


Q Documentation

You can view the Omni API as produced by JavaDoc, and you can also view the latest JUnit Testing results. You can view the latest Omni Project code on CVS using ViewCVS. The latest development build can be obtained from build.

Q Need help?
A The server and backend lead can be contacted by email at ddurdle(AT)gmail(dot)com
or by MSN-Messenger at 99ddurdle(AT)utsc(dot)utoronto(dot)ca.

Q Who?
A Currently group 15 is composed of,

Please see the javadoc API.